Handcrafted Canvas Bags, Hats & Pillows

From Artisan Bag to Carry-All Bag, Sling Bag, Travelers Bag,  Satchel Bag, Little-Big Bag, Bucket Bag,  Catch-All Bag and Ditty Bag we’ve a bag that meets your needs.

These fun and functional all weather hats protect you from the elements during your favorite outdoor activity or adventure.

Add a burst of color to your boat, patio, deck, or veranda!  These bright, sturdy pillows will hold up to whatever the weather dishes out, rain or shine.

Handmade Products, Made To Last A Lifetime

Rain Cover for 10x10 EZ-UP Tents

$160 (Shipping: $20 - Tax will be added if shipped in N.C.)

"Waterproof Your Tent"

No more worry of rain/condensation coming through your 10x10 EZ-UP Tent. Protect your artwork and yourself with this removable rain cover, Takes only a few minutes to put on and take off. Loops on all four corners of your current cover to lightly tie down to your tent and make it impermeable to water, where the standard covers tend to fail.


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